Map Magic 2 for ArcMap: Installation

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Map Magic 2 for ArcMap is an Add-In for ESRI ArcMap software (versions 10.3 and later). It allows you to create Crash Magic studies and reports from within ArcMap via Crash Magic's REST interface. This article includes information on the process of installing Map Magic 2 for ArcMap.

 Map Magic not installed properly

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Intersection Magic communicates with ArcView using Map Magic. If Map Magic is not properly installed, ArcView will complain that it can't find the required scripts (im_a_displaycrashes, im_a_displayints, im_a_displayspots, im_a_geocode)

 How to create and use GIS aliases

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In many cases, your GIS map street names will not match the names in your crash record database. If the difference is significant, (i.e. ArcView can't see them as being similar names) then that location will not be geocodable. This is common when a state highway runs through a city. The city may use a local street name when entering crash data, and the map may use the highway name.

 Map Magic problems in Windows XP

adminMap Magic > Errors / crashes

Map Magic is an add on to ArcView GIS 3.x and Intersection Magic 6.x. All Arcview GIS 3.x versions have a problem with Windows XP that affects operation with Map Magic. We've experienced "Segment Violation" messages; we've heard of "Can not convert string to number" error messages.

 Individual Crashes Error

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“Error in reading shape record length for record 1” When trying to get Individual Crashes shown on a map, and you get the message “Error in reading shape record length for record 1” after selecting the Go button. This is because the accident list text file that was created in Intersection Magic wasn’t a comma […]

 A(n) Theme object does not recognize request IsMatchable

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When geocoding individual or aggregate crashes using Map Magic, a call is made to each theme checking for "IsMatchable" to see if that layer is geocoded. Unfortunately, some themes don't know if they are matchable and the program will stop with an error message. This article describes why and how to get around this problem