Other software by Pd’ Programming

Pd’ Programming develops multiple utilities and add-ons for the transportation industry. Some of these products work as an add-on to Crash Magic, others are standalone utilities.

Road Position Magic
Software / SERVICe

Geocoding engine for crash data.  Utilizes street center-line, intersection, distance and direction offset, vehicle directions and movements to position crashes.  Optionally

Crash Magic Node Mapper
Crash Magic utility

This utility assists with mapping and/or assigning all of your intersections their own node numbers.  Using a GIS center-line map and your crash data, the Node Mapper can automatically match some locations to their appropriate node numbers and lets the user manually specify that information for other crash records.

The following are free utilities that are provided with Crash Magic and work directly with Crash Magic. These utilities are part of the Crash Magic Desktop Utilities installer available on the Installers page.

Map Magic
Included Crash Magic utility

Crash Magic reporting and querying from an ArcMap Desktop add-in. Access all of your report templates, filters, projects and studies all from within ESRI’s ArcMap.

Crash Magic Local Viewer
Included Crash Magic utility

Enables Crash Magic to display local/network files without exposing them to the internet.  Use this utility to view your police reports, images, etc. while still maintaining full security controls and without uploading them to the Crash Magic server.

Crash Magic Data Entry
Included Crash Magic utility

Provides for new crash record creation or simple editing of your crash data.  This powerful utility provides validation, field value selection, querying of specific crash record categories for editing and more. Designed for municipalities or other agencies with simple database schemas. (typically 2-5 crash data tables)

Database and XML tools

These utilities are part of the Crash Magic Desktop Utilities installer available on the Installers page.

Command line utilities

Pd’ XML Redact – Removes specified node content from XML files in batch. Useful for redacting personal information prior to export for analysis in Crash Magic.

Pd’ FOR XML – Executes MS SQL “FOR XML” queries and writes single or multiple XML files from the output. Can be run regularly to prepare files for use by Crash Magic.

Pd’ XSD Validate – Applies an XSD schema file to an XML file and returns the validation errors and warnings. Useful when preparing an XML file from scratch or through SQL query.

Pd’ ArcGIS Scraper – Scrapes data from ArcGIS services and writes to SQL Server.