Map Magic version is wrong

Map Magic version is wrong


When calling ArcView / Map Magic from Intersection Magic, a dialog box reports that this is the incorrect version of Map Magic.


Each version of Map Magic is designed to function with certain versions of Intersection Magic. By installing and removing Intersection Magic and / or Map Magic, it is possible to get these two files out of sync.
Also, IMW versions 6.501-6.506 shipped with an incorrect version of Map Magic.


The best solution is to upgrade to the latest version.
If that is not possible, a correct version of the IMW extension is located in your Magic/GIS/Arcview/Ext directory (or EXT32). This file may be copied to your ESRI directory tree into the directory also called Ext32. Re-Start ArcView for the new Map Magic to take effect.
If you recently upgraded to v6.50x and have this problem, you must update to v6.508 or newer to solve it.

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