Creating a pin map in Acr View version 3.x.

Creating a pin map in Acr View version 3.x.


This article is to show how to create a pin map with Map Magic and Arc View version 3.x.


When creating a pin map for the first time, there are a few critical steps which must be followed. This article will describe what you need to do. This article assumes that Map Magic has been installed and tested to work with the GIS map.


Before creating a pin map the Intersection Magic must geocode the current intersections for the program. Geocoding is the process of Intersection Magic passing the name of the location to ArcView and ArcView will then pass the X and Y coordinates for the location back.

The first step is to Geocode the locations that match ArcView.

  1. Start Intersection Magic.
  2. Generate a high accident locations list.
  3. Select the ArcView button. If the box is grayed out, make sure the ArcView GIS location is correct in Utilities/ Configuration/ Default File Names/ More. Also make sure the Map Magic key is entered in the registration box (Help/ Register Intersection Magic).
  4. Make sure the two boxes for “Mulitple potential coordinates are found” and “Skip locations that have already been geocoded” are checked.
  5. Make sure that the section at the bottom, Files and Views, has the correct path for the project created in ArcView GIS and the View is spelled correctly (this is case sensitive).
  6. Select the “Start geocoding selections now” button at the top of the window.

Now that Intersection Magic has received all of the XY coordinates for the matching locations. Locations that did not match can be selected manually. There are various reasons that a location will not be geocoded. The name of the intersection in Intersection Magic may not match the name of the intersection on the GIS map, there could be multiple locations with the same name, ect. We will now need to manually select the locations that could not automatically be geocoded.

Manually geocoding
Now you want to run through the process again, but this time have it stop when it reaches an intersection it cannot locate.

  1. Generate a high accident locations list.
  2. Select the ArcView button.
  3. Make sure the box for “No potential coordinates are found automatically” is checked. Then start geocoding.
  4. When the “Interactive geocoding dialog” box comes up, select the bottom button to manually geocode the location in question.
  5. Move the location name box out of the way so it is not obscuring your map any.
  6. Select the zoom button from the tool bar (the magnifying glass with a plus in it). Now drag your mouse over the area of the map where the specified location should be, allowing the map to zoom into that area to better find the location.
  7. After you found the location by zooming in, select the “magic locate” button (this is located on the second row of buttons to the far left; a plus sign w/ a magenta line under it).
  8. Place the mouse curser over the exact point of contact of the two lines you have determined to be the location of this intersection. Click the left mouse button.
  9. You will either get a blue dot, or a message that your have not selected a predefined choice. If you get the message, select o.k. and see if a blue dot is shown. If you do not get a blue dot, repeat steps 6-9 in this section.
  10. If you did get a blue dot, and it is the correct location for this intersection, place the mouse curser over the blue dot and click left on your mouse. If the dot goes away, the process worked and will continue to geocode until it comes to the next intersection that needs to be manually geocoded.
  11. If you continue to get the error that you have not selected predefined choices, it is because the program cannot determine where you are selecting. Try zooming in closer, and then selecting the blue dot with the magic locator tool.
  12. Continue these steps for each intersection that comes up as needing to be manually geocoded.

Now that the locations have been geocoded pin maps can be created. Here is how to create a pin map:

  1. Generate a High Crash Location list in a List box.
  2. Click the ArcView pin-map /geocode button
  3. Select the appropriate options
  4. Click OK
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