Can’t click on the blue dot

Can’t click on the blue dot


When geocoding, if a location is not found, it can sometimes be challenging to select the blue dot created by clicking on a new intersection on the map.


When geocoding crashes in Intersection Magic, you may opt to received an interactive dialog whenever a location can not be found. In those cases where ArcView can not find any “candidates” for he location, you are able to click and produce your own candidate.

After producing your own candidate, it can sometimes be hard to select it. It turns out that some assumptions were made in Map Magic that, in some cases, made it almost impossible to select candidates if they were the only ones on the map.

This article describes the patch that is required to fix this problem.

  1. Close Intersection Magic and ArcView
  2. Proceed to the download pages for Intersection Magic. (/im/downloads)
  3. Identify the Map Magic 3.20 patch.
  4. Download this self-extracting zip file and run it.
  5. You will be prompted for a folder to place the file in. If you have installed Intersection Magic in its default folder, simply select “unzip”. Otherwise, locate your Magic/GIS/ArcView folder and put the files there. If you’ve found the correct location, you will be prompted to overwrite 4 files.
  6. Start Intersection Magic. The file imw.avx will be automatically copied from your /magic/gis/arcview/ext32 folder to the arcview/ext32 folder in the ArcView installation tree.

The next time you geocode, the blue dot should be much easier to select.

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