Program stops responding while waiting for ArcView to finish loading

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While waiting for Intersection Magic to launch ArcView, Intersection Magic stops responding. Usually this occurs in the final seconds (as indicated in the status bar) of loading.


The timer method turns out not to be a good one. If ArcView requires user intervention or is delayed for any reason while loading, the timer doesn’t allow enough time. We’re not sure why Intersection Magic v5.511 hangs in this situation, but later versions use a different method which doesn’t have this problem.


The best solution is to upgrade. Version 6.x uses a retry loop to keep checking for ArcView to become ready. This has solved both the timer problem, and some other potential problems related to multiple versions of ArcView being loaded at the same time.
The workaround is to load ArcView prior to using Map Magic. As long as ArcView is already running when it is called, the timer function is never used.

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