Map Magic not installed properly

Map Magic not installed properly


Intersection Magic communicates with ArcView using Map Magic. If Map Magic is not properly installed, ArcView will complain that it can’t find the required scripts (im_a_displaycrashes, im_a_displayints, im_a_displayspots, im_a_geocode)


In order for Intersection Magic to begin communication with Map Magic and ArcView, the Map Magic extension must be loaded into the current project. Until this is done, any attempts to communicate will result in a dialog box from ArcView complaining that it can not find the requested script.


The best way to make sure that ArcView has been configured properly for Map Magic and Intersection Magic is to view the help file for Map Magic. (from Intersection Magic, select Help/Map Magic Help “Installing Map Magic for ArcView”) Step 4 (selecting the extension) is the one that was missed if you are receiving a script missing error.

If you think you have everything set up according to the directions and things are still not working, the thing to do is:

  1. Start ArcView and load your project
  2. Select File / Extensions
  3. Make sure Map Magic is listed and checked (loaded)
  4. Select OK and save your project

This Knowledge Base Article may be of assistance as well. If this doesn’t solve the problem, contact Pd’ Programming.

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