No accident data using the rectangle selection tool

No accident data using the rectangle selection tool


New clients to the Map Magic rectangle selection tool will sometimes get results of no data or an incorrect number of collisions. However, this problem will not occur with the send selected collisions tool.


When selecting a location using the Map Magic rectangle selection tool may create a report with no or the wrong number of collisions even though there are collisions displayed on the GIS map. This issue will occur when the coordinate system of the GIS map selected does not match the coordinate system of the collision data. The send selections tool will not have any issues because only a list of crash id numbers are passed to Crash Magic.  

The rectangle selection tool passes values that indicate the top, bottom, and sides of the rectangle. The values passed are from the coordinate system of the GIS map in use. If the coordinate system for the GIS map does not match the coordinates of the collision data the wrong results will be displayed.



Check with your GIS data specialist to see that the correct coordinate system is selected for your GIS map. The coordinate system from your GIS map must match the system used in the crash data.

The coordinate system can be set in ArcMap 10 by selecting the drop down menu “View / Data Frame Properties …”. Then click on the “Coordinate System” tab. This will allow you to browse and select the correct coordinate system for your GIS map.


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