A(n) Theme object does not recognize request IsMatchable

A(n) Theme object does not recognize request IsMatchable


When geocoding individual or aggregate crashes using Map Magic, a call is made to each theme checking for “IsMatchable” to see if that layer is geocoded. Unfortunately, some themes don’t know if they are matchable and the program will stop with an error message. This article describes why and how to get around this problem


When Map Magic attempts to geocode a location (i.e. Intersection) it makes a request of all the themes in the current view. That request is “can you geocode”, the actual call is to “IsMatchable”.
Most themes can respond to this request and answer the question. (i.e. StreetMap says “no”; non-geocoded themes say “no”; tiff images say “no”) However, some proprietary packages that insert or maintain themes use an object model that does not support the question “can you geocode”. In these cases, the program stops with an error.


This problem is only an issue in ArcView GIS 3.x. Since we’ve only encountered this problem in a few isolated situations, and since the workaround is fairly simple, a correction to this problem is a low priority.

The workaround is to remove the offending theme while geocoding and replace it when done.
Another option is to maintain two views. One used for geocoding and one used for output. After creating the theme in the geocoding view, simply copy and paste it into the output view.

Please contact Pd’ Programming directly if you are experiencing a similar problem and can not use this workaround.

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