Export a list of fields

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Crash Magic provides a lot of analysis tools that can be helpful to planners and engineers. However, like any software, we can't do it all. This article provides one method for sending some data from Crash Magic to another program for further analysis or reporting. Specifically, we will specify a list of fields and select them for export to a CSV, Excel or KML file.

 Basic Beginner’s Instructions

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We recognize that Crash Magic can be initially daunting to some new users.  But it can be a very powerful tool for analysis, so we want our users to become masters!  As always, if you need any help, or would like us to create a custom report for you, please let us know.  These instructions will help get you started with the basics.

 Crash Magic Mini Training Sessions

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Pd' Programming is hosting mini training sessions periodically using the GoToMeeting platform. This allows us to host up to 25 users per meeting. All meeting information and invites will be sent via email. If you plan on attending, please reply with a RSVP, or email help@pdmagic.com to RSVP to assure a spot. Meetings will start with a specific topic and followed by a Q&A session on that topic. Then the presenter can address general questions on any topic. Training sessions are subject to change or cancellation due to scheduling or attendance. In the event of any last minute changes or technical difficulties, this page will be updated with the current information.