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Map Magic not installed properly

Intersection Magic communicates with ArcView using Map Magic. If Map Magic is not properly installed, ArcView will complain that it can't find the required scripts (im_a_displaycrashes, im_a_displayints, im_a_displayspots, im_a_geocode)
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Can’t click on the blue dot

When geocoding, if a location is not found, it can sometimes be challenging to select the blue dot created by clicking on a new intersection on the map.
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Map Magic problems in Windows XP

Map Magic is an add on to ArcView GIS 3.x and Intersection Magic 6.x. All Arcview GIS 3.x versions have a problem with Windows XP that affects operation with Map Magic. We've experienced "Segment Violation" messages; we've heard of "Can not convert string to number" error messages.
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