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Map Magic not installed properly

Intersection Magic communicates with ArcView using Map Magic. If Map Magic is not properly installed, ArcView will complain that it can't find the required scripts (im_a_displaycrashes, im_a_displayints, im_a_displayspots, im_a_geocode)
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How to create and use GIS aliases

In many cases, your GIS map street names will not match the names in your crash record database. If the difference is significant, (i.e. ArcView can't see them as being similar names) then that location will not be geocodable. This is common when a state highway runs through a city. The city may use a local street name when entering crash data, and the map may use the highway name.
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Can’t click on the blue dot

When geocoding, if a location is not found, it can sometimes be challenging to select the blue dot created by clicking on a new intersection on the map.
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A(n) Theme object does not recognize request IsMatchable

When geocoding individual or aggregate crashes using Map Magic, a call is made to each theme checking for "IsMatchable" to see if that layer is geocoded. Unfortunately, some themes don't know if they are matchable and the program will stop with an error message. This article describes why and how to get around this problem
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