Obtain data from CRIS – TX DOT Crash Data

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In Texas, crash data is available to agencies through the CRIS data system. By following the steps included here, you can download and unzip data files suitable for import into Crash Magic. You also have the option to FTP the data to our servers rather than using the browser interface. That process is described at the bottom of this article.

 Automated import using FTP

adminCrash Magic Online > Importing

There are two methods for importing data into Crash Magic. The first is the standard manual process using the Crash Magic Online web pages. The second method utilizes FTP for automatic processing.

 Formatting XML

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In order to read and/or compare XML files it can be handy to format them in a common way. This article describes one method for doing this. It relies on a free 3rd party product that needs to be downloaded first.

 MS Access can’t find proper DAO library

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When an MS Access (.mdb) database is moved from one computer to another, which have different versions of Access, attempting to reference macro/VB libraries will fail. This is because the most recent edits to the file caused Access to select libraries that may not be on the new computer.