MS Access can’t find proper DAO library

MS Access can’t find proper DAO library


When an MS Access (.mdb) database is moved from one computer to another, which have different versions of Access, attempting to reference macro/VB libraries will fail. This is because the most recent edits to the file caused Access to select libraries that may not be on the new computer.


MS Access uses a number of libraries that are linked to when you run it. One of them is DAO. (Data Access Objects) When you open an Access 2002 database in Access 2014, (Office 2010) it changes the referenced library to the one that ships with Office 2010.  When the file needs to be opened again under Office 2002, it will fail, indicating that it can not open dao360.dll.


To fix this problem, open the database on the computer you intend to run it on.  Open the VB editor.  (usually Macros / Visual Basic)  In the VB editor, choose Tools / References to get a list of the referenced libraries.  You will probably get an error message indicating that a particular library can’t be found.  That library will appear near the top of the list with a check-mark.  Uncheck that libary.  Locate the proper library lower in the list and select its checkbox.;en-us;283115 Microsoft’s list of required libraries. A better list of required libraries.

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