How to obtain data from GEARS

How to obtain data from GEARS


Georgia DOT has a crash database managed by Lexis Nexus that can be accessed by any jurisdiction in Georgia. You will need to request access, and fill out a user agreement in order to receive a login and password.


Go to the GEARS portal at:

On the left side, you will be asked to login.  If you have not received access, or a login.  Choose the option from the bottom of that login to request one (either Law Enforcement or Non Law Enforcement option), and follow the instructions.

Once you’ve received a login and password described above.  Login to the portal.

  • From the top, you’ll want to choose the Advanced Search option (left side), and the Crash Data option (upper right side).
  • Now you’ll want to add the criteria for the data you wish to download.  First, give it the date range you wish to request, then hit the INSERT button.
  • Now it will ask you for the jurisdiction you wish.  Choose that from the pick list and hit the INSERT button.
  • That’s the only 2 criteria you need to enter for this download.  At this point, you can hit the RUN button.
Once finished, you will be presented with a summary of that date range with several options to the right on how to download the data.  Crash Magic has been configured to run with the Crash Analysis 4.  Choose that option, and it will download to your machine.  Depending on how much data is requested, this may take some time.  For larger jurisdictions, you may want to downloaded the data in separate pieces (a couple months at a time, not an entire year).
Once downloaded to your machine, zip the file and it’s ready to be imported into Crash Magic.
You can logout from the GEARS portal.
If you need importing instructions, that can be found at:
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