Crash Magic features that require GIS

Crash Magic version 4 & version 5 can take advantage of an ArcGIS Server installation to provide additional functionality in the program  This article describes what those features are and what is required to take advantage of them.
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Requested crash records for configuration testing

While we do our best to read databases correctly, we also request the hard copy police reports (or electronic images) to test the flow of information from the officer's report; through converting and importing; and then the display of the crash on a diagram.  This will help ensure we are interpreting the data correctly. 
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ArcGIS Server Connection Configuration

Crash Magic, starting with version 5, supports "dynamic collision diagrams".  These are diagrams generated by querying an agency ArcGIS server and using the roadway alignments from that server to create the diagram.  Without dynamic diagrams, the program will fall back to our standard collision diagrams that do not require any GIS system.
An ArcGIS Server connection configuration is required to identify and then query the services provided by the agency.
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Lookup value for xCoord and yCoord normalized fields

Most fields in the primary study query have either a lookup name or 'none' or !date or !time to reflect the content in the field.  This value is used for presenting options for that field in the filter editor and for display of the field on reports.  The xCoord and yCoord normalized values use this same value to indicate the geographic coordinate system or projection that the two coordinate fields represent their values in.
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