Upgrading your Crash Magic configuration

Upgrading your Crash Magic configuration


This article covers the steps used to upgrade your configuration if you have receive a new file from Pd’ Programming.


If you have been sent a new .shared xml file by Pd’ Programming, this file must be uploaded into the correct location to take effect. Crash Magic was designed to make this an easy process. This article assumes that you have downloaded the new configuration file from our web site, and have saved it to your local computer.


Change the name of your current shared user– Crash Magic does not allow duplicate names in the same user group. To begin we will change the name of the current shared user. A star on the user icon in the Group Admin tree indicates the current shared user.

  1. Log into Crash Magic as the group admin
  2. In the tree on the left click on the .shared user under your user group(Do not select the shared user under the .Master group) 
  3. Click on the green Settings tab
  4. Change the name of the shared user to Oldshared(current date <Year><Month><Day>) for example Oldshared20090315
  5. Change the Login name to Oldshared(current date)
  6. Click on the blue Summary tab
  7. The change should now show in the tree on the left

Upload the import file to Crash Magic– Now that you have changed the name of the shared user that is in use you will be able to upload a new shared user.

  1. While still logged into Crash Magic as a group admin click on your user group in the tree on the left
  2. Click on the “Open the Import Wizard” button(This is the button with the yellow arrow pointing up)
  3. In the Crash Magic Import screen click the “Browse…” button, and locate your new configuration file
  4. Once the file has been selected click the “Upload file for import” button
  5. Click the “OK” button warning you that it may take a few minutes
  6. Click the “OK” button telling you that the file was uploaded and is ready for import(The window will now show your file selected)
  7. Click the “Next” button to complete the import.

Select objects from the file new file– The wizard will guide you through the process adding the items from the import file

  1. In the “Crash Magic Import – User Groups” window select the user group that you have logged into to add the shared user to, and click “Next”
  2. In the “Crash Magic Import – Users” window click the check box next to the .shared user, and click “Next”
  3. In the “Crash Magic Import – PSRAttrs” window click the “Change selections” button at the bottom
  4. Click the “All” radio button, and click the “Select” button to place a check on all of the boxes of PSRAttrs to be imported
  5. Click the “Next” button
  6. In the “Crash Magic Import – Projects” click the “Next” button(There should be no projects to import) 
  7. In the “Crash Magic Import – Studies” click the “Next” button(There should be no studies to import) 
  8. In the “Crash Magic Import – Reports” click the “Next” button(There should be no reports to import) 
  9. Click the “Import” button, and the “OK” button when done.
  10. Click the “Done” button

Set Crash Magic to use the new .shared user– Now Crash Magic must be set to use the new configuration that you just uploaded

  1. While still logged into Crash Magic as a group admin click on your user group in the tree on the left
  2. Click on the green “Settings” tab
  3. Click the drop down box next to “Shared user:”
  4. Select the .shared user in the list.

Set your database connections– Configurations that were done against database at Pd’ Programming will need to have their connection strings changed. The connections are stored in the .shared user.

  1. While still logged into Crash Magic as a group admin click the “+” next to the .shared under the user group that you are logged in to(This is the .shared user that you just imported) 
  2. Click on the “+” next to the connection icon in the tree
  3. Click on the connection listed
  4. Click on the green “Settings” tab
  5. Change the Connection string to use your Crash database(For SQL Server change the Catalog= [your database name], and change the DataSource=[server that the database resides on] in the connection string. For Oracle change the Data Source=[ your database name].)
  6. Click the “Test connection” button to ensure it is correct
  7. Repeat steps 3 – 7 for all other connections

Users that are currently logged into Crash Magic should log out, and log back in to use the new configuration.

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