Providing crash reports for configuration validation

Providing crash reports for configuration validation


While we do our best to read databases correctly, we also request the hard copy police reports (or electronic images) to test the flow of information from the officer’s report; through converting and importing; and then the display of the crash on a diagram. This will help ensure we are interpreting the data correctly.


Please send scanned records via email in a pdf format.  If those aren’t available, you may take screen shots of crashes and send those. We do not want or need any personal information from the report, so that can be blacked out or redacted by you. We’re looking for something that shows what the original police report fields indicate to test against.  Please do not include personal information from those records.

Also, keep in mind the date range for the database that you sent us for configuration purposes.  The records need to be from those same dates.

When preparing to send us the reports for verification and testing, our experience has shown that a sampling with some variety is useful.  We’ve developed a list of attributes from reports that will make our testing most meaningful.  Please identify some reports that have:

  1. At least one injury or fatality crash
  2. At least one single-vehicle crash
  3. At least one multi-vehicle crash
  4. At least one crash at an intersection – distance is zero
  5. At least one mid-block or milepost crash – distance and direction have values
  6. At least one left-turn crash
  7. At least one rear-end crash
  8. At least one side swipe crash
  9. At least one pedestrian crash
  10. At least one bicycle crash
  11. At least one parked vehicle
  12. Several crashes with latitude/longitude coordinate data if coordinates are being provided
  13. Example of any data elements that you feel are unique or need extra attention to describe your data
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