Cleaning up extraneous IMW files

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Cleaning up extraneous IMW files


To remove unused files located in various places on computers and throughout networks.


Over time, different Intersection Magic files can be backed up or copied to other directories either on the user’s machine or anywhere on their network. This process shows how searches can be done to locate possible non-used files from Intersection Magic. As we recommend deleting extraneous IMW files, we also encourage backing all files up to a central location or on a cd prior to deletion.


The normal location(s) for the following files will be in directories on the root drive labeled “magic”, “imlocal”, or a specified location on a network server drive (typically “magic”). Files found in these locations are your primary files used by Intersection Magic in most cases. You will not want to delete these files.

To determine which files are being used for Intersection Magic, start the program. Go to Utilities/Configuration/Default File Names. The path name for the database will be where the active database is located (take note that some jurisdictions have multiple databases, so there may be more than one database that should NOT be deleted). The path names for the configuration files will also be listed, take note of this location as well. When the search below is performed and the files listed in the above locations are found they should not be deleted.

To start searching for other files possibly located in other unused directories, go to Start/Search/For Files or Folders. Perform several different searches on these files and types:

  • imw.ini
  • *acc.dat
  • imw.exe
  • city.lus (where city is the four letter abbreviation for your configuration)

If you find any of the above files in unusual locations, go to that directory and see if other Intersection Magic files are in the same location. Prior to deleting these files, make a copy of them either on a cd or a centralized directory in case it is determined they were needed files.

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