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How to download the data entry program


With the updates to Crash Magic also came an update to the data entry / edit program. 

  • From the login screen, type in your login and password, and click the Analysis button.
  • Then choose the green Downloads tab from the top right.  On the bottom you will see a file listed, Crash Magic Desktop Utils.msi.  Choose this one and hit the download button, and save it to your machine.  Then run it.
  • You can also download this utility from our website  Scroll down to the Support section, then choose Installers:
  • Once you have run the utility, accept all the defaults that the installer has already chosen for you by clicking through the buttons and finish the install.
  • Log out.
  • Now you can log in to Crash Magic but this time hit the Data Entry button shown next to the Analysis button.
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