Export a list of fields

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Crash Magic provides a lot of analysis tools that can be helpful to planners and engineers. However, like any software, we can't do it all. This article provides one method for sending some data from Crash Magic to another program for further analysis or reporting. Specifically, we will specify a list of fields and select them for export to a CSV, Excel or KML file.

 Antenna House license

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The Crash Magic program utilizes a third-party product in order to create (print) PDF output of its reports. This article describes how to set/update the license for that product when hosting Crash Magic on your in-house server. This article does not apply to clients for whom Pd' Programming hosts Crash Magic at GovernmentTools.com.

 Steps for adding a user to Crash Magic

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Usually when Crash Magic is initially setup, only one or two users with logins are created.  This article will give the steps for adding a new user.   1. Login to the Crash Magic Admin Side (you must have Admin rights to do this). 2. On the left side you will see your group name, […]