How to create a copy of the Intersection Magic database

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How to create a copy of the Intersection Magic database


This article covers how to create a copy of the Intersection Magic database


An Intersection Magic database is made up of several files on the computer.  While Intersection Magic will only display the main [prefix name]acc.dat file in the title bar of the program, several files are used by the Intersection Magic database.  As a result some files may be missed when copying or backing up the database.  The copy database function in Intersection Magic will copy all of the crash record files for a database.


Note: These steps must be taken on a computer where Intersection Magic is installed and functioning correctly. If Intersection Magic was not correctly installed contact Pd’ Programming for support. 

This article shows how to copy an Intersection Magic database, and will result in only a copy of the crash records.  This process does not copy filters, charts and other user created data.  This process also does not copy the ODBC database that is used for virtual locations.  Clients that use virtual locations will need to copy their virtual locations database separately.

Pd’ Programming recommends that you create a separate folder first to store the database copy that will be created.

  1. Start the Intersection Magic program.
  2. From the Intersection Magic menu, choose Utilities / Database / Copy.
  3. You will be prompted for the database to copy from.  This should already be set to your current database.  Simply choose OK.
  4. You will be prompted for the location to save your database copy.  (copy to) Navigate to where you would like the copy saved.
  5. In the “File name” box, change the four question marks (????acc.dat) to the four character prefix name that you would like to call the database.
  6. Select Ok. A dialog box will confirm that you’ve copied the database.



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