FTP Static IP Address Requested

FTP Static IP Address Requested


In order to do automatic downloads and imports into Crash Magic using our FTP server, Pd Programming will need a Static IP address to secure our FTP server.


The reason for requesting your static IP address is to secure our FTP server. In order to make sure that only our designated clients are permitted to up/download from our system, and to be sure that you are who you say you are each time you upload, we require that you provide us with a static IP.  The “static” part is important, as if the IP changes, the process will fail.


Your external IP is easily identified by pointing your browser to one of many web sites that can report it for you.  One such site is: https://www.governmenttools.com/util/whatismyip.asp However, only your IT dept can tell you if that is a *static* IP.

IMPORTANT: Using FTP to send the files is permitted only when prepared as an automated process.  Because sending files via FTP inserts them directly into the Crash Magic import queue, with very little error checking, you could do damage if a mistake is made.  For this reason, we have set up your current FTP directory as a “test”.  Once you have everything automated, and working properly on your end, we will redirect it to the “real” location.  (no changes required on your part for this)  I would be happy to recommend a workflow to automate this.  It would be best done by an IT professional.

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