Firefox fails to display collision diagrams

Firefox fails to display collision diagrams


Crash Magic requires Microsoft Silverlight to display and manipulate collision diagrams. Firefox will no longer display collision diagrams, instead prompting to install Silverlight, but never completing the process.


Over the years we have supported several different standards for vector graphics as we moved from MS DOS graphics to MS Windows to several iterations of browsers, to now.  It turns out that Microsoft Silverlight, was not one of our better choices for graphics.  The good news is that before Silverlight, there was a technology called SVG and we also invested in that. We still use SVG for all diagram printing, so we know that our engine works well.  Also, SVG has made a nice comeback and is now a part of the HTML5 specification.  There is still some work to do in order to have Crash Magic able to support HTM5 and SVG, but we’re working hard on it. When we’re done, we will support all modern browsers.

While we always prefer to stay ahead of technology changes, sometimes we miss.  What’s important to know is that as always, we will make the necessary changes and keep Crash Magic running for you now and in the future.

We’ll do our best to keep you posted, especially if you ask.  Thanks for your patience while we prepare the next major release of Crash Magic!


Crash Magic currently relies on Microsoft Silverlight for rendering Collision diagrams.  For the time being, our users will have to use Internet Explorer. 

Note: Firefox has a version called the “Extended Support Release” of their browser for people who still need Firefox to include Silverlight and Acrobat.  If you prefer Firefox and are willing/able to install this version, it is a great solution:

Please contact Pd’ Programming if you have any questions.

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