Diagram not showing crashes that were moved

Diagram not showing crashes that were moved


Crash Magic provides the ability to move and/or rotate crash graphics. Diagrams that have been manipulated in this way will sometimes show the crashes in different locations, or removed from the display altogether.


In most parts of program, saving is done automatically.  This means that after any click, content is saved and ready for printing, etc.  With diagrams, this does not occur during the editing process.  Instead, saving occurs when the user clicks outside the diagram.  Unfortunately, a known bug exists that prevents saving when the print button is clicked.


The workaround to this bug is as follows: After performing edits to the collision diagram, please click on the project tree to the left of the report.  The easiest way is to click on the report itself – like where it says “Four Way Intersection” or “Diagram”, whatever you’ve named it.  After this click, what you see on the screen will be what is printed. (because it’s been saved explicitly)

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