2022 Traffic Records Forum Aug 7 – 10

The 2022 ATSIP Traffic Records Forum will be held in Denver this year!  Our very own Pete d’Oronzio is the Chair for this year’s conference at the Denver Hilton starting August 7.

If you deal with transportation safety data, this conference (and organization) is for you!  Historically, this organization and conference has been primarily attended by safety engineers, data analysts and safety planners from state and federal agencies. It is my hope that beginning this year, we will see an infusion of municipal, county and COG/MPO participation.  Please consider attending, presenting and/or volunteering to help host this event.

More information is available on the ATSIP web site: https://www.atsip.org/traffic-records-forum/

General information about ATSIP is also available at: www.ATSIP.org

Pd’ Programming, and Pete specifically, has been involved with the Traffic Records Forum since the early 1990’s.  Please feel free to reach out directly to Pete with any questions. Click here for contact information.