Traffic Records Forum Information

(Coloradans may be able to apply for reimbursement!  See note at bottom!)

Pd’ Programming has been involved with the ATSIP Traffic Records Forum since the early ’90s. Until recently the Forum has been attended mostly by federal and state employees and those serving them.  The ATSIP Board is hoping to expand the attendance to include municipalities, COGs, counties and other local agencies.

Presentations at the Forum range across topics such as planning, operation, motor vehicle crashes, roadway, injury systems, GIS, traffic enforcement, equity, citation/adjudication, driver license, vehicle registration, Safe System, strategic planning, workforce development, training, technology, vehicle autonomy, data visualization, and policy development.

The Traffic Records Forum is being held in Denver, Colorado from August 7 – 10, 2022 at the Hilton Denver City Center.

Early bird registration ends on June 1.

If you know of a state that is offering funding for their agencies to attend the Forum, please send me the contact information and I’ll add it here!

Special information for Colorado agencies: CDOT is making 405C funding available to attend the Traffic Records Forum.  These funds can be used to pay for registration as well as travel and lodging when appropriate.  Please contact BoYan Quinn at the DOT for more information:

BoYan Quinn
CDOT 405C Traffic Records Program Manager
2829 W. Howard Pl.
Denver, CO 80204