Lookup value for xCoord and yCoord normalized fields

Lookup value for xCoord and yCoord normalized fields


Most fields in the primary study query have either a lookup name or ‘none’ or !date or !time to reflect the content in the field.  This value is used for presenting options for that field in the filter editor and for display of the field on reports.  The xCoord and yCoord normalized values use this same value to indicate the geographic coordinate system or projection that the two coordinate fields represent their values in.

In order for pin maps, Map Magic and other functions to work properly, a field that indicates the spatial location of a crash must also specify the geographic coordinate system or projection used when storing this value.  The most common geographic coordinate system is esriSRGeoCS_WGS1984.  Common alternatives are specific state-plane system names.  These names typically resolve to a WKID value. 
Common projection names can be found here:
Other projections are available on that site as well.

When populating the Crashes study query, indicate the fields containing the x (typically longitude) and y (typically latitude) coordinate fields.  The coordinate system / lookup value will default to esriSRGeoCS_WGS1984.  If you know that your system stores projected coordinates, or -unlikely- data  another geographic coordinate system, use the lookup field value to indicate the appropriate coordinate system.

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