Collision graphics are not where they were moved / rotated to

Collision graphics are not where they were moved / rotated to


Some users have experienced an issue with collision graphics that have been moved showing up in the wrong location


Crash Magic allows users to drag collision graphics to any area of a diagram schematic.  Crash Magic will remember this location on the diagram schematic when the user returns to the report.  Crash Magic stores the change in position of the collision graphic once it has been moved.

A bug has been discovered when the user tries to move a collision more than once while using Silverlight diagrams.  Only the last move is stored by the program.  This means if a collision is clicked on, dragged one inch, and released.  Then the same collision is moved to the left one inch, and the diagram is refreshed.  Only the move to the left has been captured by the program.

This issue can also affect printing of a diagram.  When the user tries to print a diagram the collisions may not be rendered as they appear on the screen.  This is because only the last change in position is stored.  When Crash Magic retrieves the stored information only the last move is shown.

While this bug was originally reported in 2012, it was fixed and has resurfaced in 2015.


If a collision must be moved a second time users should save their changes back to Crash Magic.  Then the collision can moved again.  A collision diagram can be saved by clicking on the diagram name in the project tree or selecting another item in the project tree.  Crash Magic automatically save the users work when another item is selected.

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