Cannot select a cross street in data entry

Cannot select a cross street in data entry


Selecting a street where a collision occurred does not allow the user to select the cross street


Users selecting a street for a crash record may not be able to select the cross street from the a list of streets. The list of cross streets may contain a list that does not include the intersecting street or be blank.

The list of cross streets for a given street is populated from a list of intersections. The list of intersections is in most cases derived from the intersections that have had collisions.  If a collision has not occurred at an intersection the Crash Magic data entry program may not have the street in the list of cross streets.


While Crash Magic is not able to provide a list with the cross street the user is still able to type the correct street name in the field. When you move to the next field Crash Magic will lookup the street name and display the Id number found for the street.

Crash Magic validates the street to ensure that bad street names are not entered into the crash records. If the street is not found the user will receive an error and “Not Found” will display next to the street name. This mean that the street must be corrected, or added to the list of valid streets before the cross street can be saved to the crash record.

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