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Knowledge Base Article:CMO259 

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Unknown login exception V 2.13 or older

Created: Nov 03 2011, updated: Nov 07 2011

Logging into a user that was just imported may display the error "Unknown login exception" for Crash Magic Online version 2.13 or older.

Users logging into Crash Magic may receive the error "Unknown login exception" when their account has been imported from another instance of Crash Magic. This problem occurs because Crash Magic is trying to find the last project, study and report the user worked on. These items may no longer be valid after the import, so the user will receive the error. If the User clicks the Return to Crash Magic button on the error page, the login panel is displayed with in a Crash Magic report window.

Clients that receive the error message can click the Return to Crash Magic button on the error page and then click the Return to Crash Magic button where they will see the login window within the Crash Magic report window. Here users can click the "Create a direct link to this page" buttonCreate a direct link to this page button. This will set the users current project study and report to return Crash Magic to a normal window.

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