Why is “Data Source” grayed out when I try to import?

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Some IMW configurations require that multiple ascii files be specified for import. When a configuration of this type is loaded (at import time) the “Data Source” button is grayed out and indicates “n/a”.


The Intersection Magic importer is capable of importing data from multiple files or “tables” and merging them together.  When properly set up, the import dialog box will “know” that it needs multiple files (and therefore import definitions and cng files) and will disable the “Data Source” button.  This is to make sure that you are required to specify multiple file names.


In order to import data when multiple files are used, simply select Ok in the import dialog box.   Instead of the standard “Begin Importing?” question, it will prompt you for each of the files that it needs.  After specifying these files, you will be prompted to begin importing. 

The log files will reflect that this was a multi-file import.

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