Why is “-2147483647” in my address field?

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Why is “-2147483647” in my address field?


IMW is crashing when trying to generate a sliding spot report.


When trying to generate a sliding spot report, IMW crashes and closes. This is due to the value of “-2147483647” being in the database. This large negative number was generated when a blank was entered into the database instead of the default “0”.


First the records need to be located which contain this variable.

1)Create a new report (UtilitiesCustomizeReportFileNew) selecting only CaseID, date, address 1(or block 1 or milepost 1), and address 2 (or block 2 or milepost 2) as the fields to use in the report.
2)Generate an all data diagram.
3)Create an Accident List from this diagram.
4)Select the report we created above, and sort first by address 1 (or block 1 or milepost 1). Scan each record to see if this number appears (it should be towards the top since the data is decending and this is a negative number).
5)Create another Accident List from the same diagram chosing address 2 (or block 2 or milepost 2). Again, the affected records may be listed at the top of the report.
6)Once you have all the records which contain this variable, go into the IMW Editor (UtilitiesDatabaseIMW Edit), and make sure a zero is entered where there are blanks (only in the address/block/milepost fields).

Once these corrections are made, the sliding spot feature should work properly.

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