Why does my new SWITRS data have only 3 characters for a CaseID?

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CA CHP introduced a new structure for SWITRS data beginning with data send after June 2002 (although most of this new format didn’t ship until 2003) Pd’ Programming made available a new configuration to read this data free-of-charge to all current subscribers to our Intersection Magic software. On February 13, 2003 we identified a minor problem with the new configuration. The caseID format in this new CHP data structure is variable – it is different after 1/1/2000. This article describes how to correct your configuration and database if you downloaded the new configuration prior to 2/18/2003 and imported 2002 data using it.


If you downloaded the new configuration from our web site between 1/15/2003 and 2/18/2003 you should re-download it to obtain the corrected configuration.

If you imported 2002 data using the original downloaded configuration, you will need to delete thoses cases from your database.

The instructions below describe this process.


Step 1: Correct the configuration files

  1. Download the corrected configuration:
    Visit Your personal page on our web site for this file.
  2. Run the configuration installer that you just downloaded
  3. Verify that you have the updated configuration by checking the date on the cityid.txt file in your working (data) directory. It should be 2/17/2003.
  4. Your system may now be used to import data in the new format.

Step 2: Update IMWEdit

  1. This step is only necessary if you have imported 2002 data using the original configuration. It is also handy if you use IMWEdit regularly, as it has been improved a little.
  2. Download an updated imwedit program:
    Visit our downloads page and select the link to download imwEditx_6650.exe. (located just below the green area)
  3. Install the IMWedit.exe program:
    Run the file that you just downloaded and extract the imwedit.exe file to your magic directory. It will overwrite your existing imwedit.exe program.

Step 3: Delete the crash records with wrong (short) case id numbers

  1. This step is only necessary if you have imported 2002 data using the original configuration.
  2. Start Intersection Magic
  3. Select Utilities / Database / Export
  4. Set the date range to 1/1/2002 – 12/31/2002. Your selection may be corrected if less data exists. That’s ok.
  5. Select CaseId14.rpt as your report file format
  6. Select ASCII fixed field as the export type
  7. Set the export file name to “todelete.txt”
  8. Select Ok to begin the export
  9. When the export is complete, select Utilities / Database / IMWEdit to launch the data editor
  10. Select Accidents / Delete list of records. Select the file called “todelete.txt”. You will be presented with a list of case_ids that will be removed from the database. Verify that they are all short (i.e. 3 characters) and then select Ok
  11. Close IMWEdit

That’s it. Your system is now ready for new switrs data and has had any erroneous records removed.

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