Why do I get a “File I/O” error when using Novell client 4.83?

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Why do I get a “File I/O” error when using Novell client 4.83?


Under this version of Novell client, when running Windows NT/2000/XP, IMW fails to open the database. Instead it reports a File I/O error.


This is the result of a documented problem with the NWFS.SYS file that ships with Novell Client 4.83. Novell has released a fix on their web site.

The problem occurs in the following situation:

  • Client is a Windows NT/2000/XP workstation
  • Client is running Novell Client 4.83
  • Server is Novell (i.e. Not Windows)

Go to the Novell site and follow the instructions to update your Novell client installation.
The Novell KB article that identified the problem has been removed from their system. It had the ID: 2962669. As a result, all we can recommend is to upgrade the the most current client for your operating system.

Huge thanks to John Bristowe in Boca Raton for identifying the fix to this ellusive Novell problem.

Please note, if you do not use a Novell server, try this article. Should neither resolve this error, please contact Pd’ Programming.

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