User has Insufficient access to read data for the Demo database.

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User has Insufficient access to read data for the Demo database.


Users will try to access the Demo database after Intersection Magic has been installed on a computer, and they will receive an error saying they have insufficient access to read data for the demo database.


This error will occur because the user does not have the correct Windows security assigned to IM folders and files or the files are read only.  This typically happens when an IT department installs the software under an administrator account, and does not grant full access to all of the files used by Intersection Magic. Intersection Magic inherits the permissions of the user logged into windows. A user that does not have write privileges to the Intersection Magic files will not be able to open the demo database.


Check that the files used by Intersection Magic are not read only, and that the Intersection Magic user has the correct security to allow Full Control of Intersection Magic folders and files. This is normally Full Control of the C:Magic directory, all of the subfolders and files.

The demo database will not work from a cd. Files stored on a cd or DVD are read only, and cannot be given full control. Users must copy these database files to another form of storage.

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