“User (guest) has insufficient access to read data”

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“User (guest) has insufficient access to read data”


Network users may receive a message of insufficient access when a change has occurred to their network or when installing Intersection Magic on new machines.


When setting up a new user to and existing network database or when a change has occurred to the network the message “User (guest) has insufficient access to read data. Try another login?” will be displayed.

There are several items that can cause this error:

  1. The database is missing files.
  2. The user does not have read / write permission for the Intersection Magic database directory.
  3. Security permissions were set when the database was created, and the user has not been added.

Users should check all three items.


The first item is to confirm that all of the database files exist. When selecting a database Intersection Magic only displays the ****ACC.DAT file to the user, but the Intersection Magic database contains several files. The following database files should reside in the same folder:














The next step is to see that the user has the correct permissions to read and write to the database directory. Right click on each of the files and ensure that the user logged into Intersection Magic has “Full Control” permission selected to the directory storing the database and to all the folder files. Users can check this permission by creating a text file, and save the file to the database directory. Then delete the file just created. If this fails the user does not have the correct read / write access to the database directory. Contact the system or network administrator to receive the correct permissions.


The last item is to confirm the user has privileges on a database with security. Log into Intersection Magic as the database owner.  Select Utilities / User / Show List. Select your database. This will bring up a window with all of the users listed with permission on the database. Users will need to be added if they are not listed, and read / write database access granted. If a user is listed confirm their is a (wr) next to their name. If not their privileges will need to be modified. If that is good then reset the userÕs password, and they should be able to log in. If the database should not have security then see our article on adding and removing security from an Intersection Magic database.


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