This database must be reindexed, again, and again, and again.

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This database must be reindexed, again, and again, and again.


Whenever Pd’ Programming changes the Intersection Magic database structure, the program automatically “knows” to update the database and its indexes. In a couple of situations, the program prompts the user to update the indexes and then doesn’t seem satisfied, requiring it over and over again.


The program knows when a reindex is needed because the database has an attribute called “last reindex date”. Each time the program attempts to access the database, it checks this date. If the program is newer than this date, then the program checks for any updates needed. A reindex is a possible type of update. There are two cases where this scenario has a problem:
1. The clock on the computer is incorrect. This can cause the “last index date” to always be old enough to require a reindex.
2. The user does not have system-level write access to the database files. All users of the database must have read/write access to all the database files.


For situation #1: Set the clock to the proper date. Intersection Magic will not function properly with an incorrect clock setting.
For situation #2: All users must have system-level read/write access to all database files even if they are restricted to read-only access by Intersection Magic. See the manual for more information on this.

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