The new easy way to copy your configuraion.

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The new easy way to copy your configuraion.


We would like users to be able to take advantage of a new way to backup and copy their configurations.


Copying or backing up your configuration can involve keeping track of many files. There is now a new easy way to copy and backup your configuration.

  1. The first step is to open Intersection Magic and press the SHIFT key and  F9 key at the same time. This will open the filenames window.
  2. Note the path for your Lookups file. An entry of  c:magicDataHlbr.luc would have a path of c:magicData
  3. Close Intersection Magic.
  4. Insert your install disc and select copy configuration if it is version 6.6 or greater. If you do not have an install disc with this version you can run the copycfg.exe program located in your Magic directory.  **The program may take a while to run as it searches your hard drive for your configurations.
  5. Select the path that you noted from step 2 in the list shown and press the next button.
  6. The Files to be Copied window will then open with a list of all your configuration files. Do NOT check any of the boxes. Click the Next button. This will tell the program to copy all of the files shown.
  7. If you would like to copy this configuration to a floppy, insert a floppy disc into your A: drive and press the floppy button. You can also click the Other Drives button and select another drive to copy the configuration to.
  8. Click the OK button once the files have been copied. The program will create a directory called data and copy all of the configuration files into it.
  9. If you are using more than one configuration you will need to repeat all of these steps.
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