Street is not deleted when using Streets Manager.

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Earlier versions of Intersection Magic have a small bug where a street is not truely deleted when using the delete feature in the Streets Manager.


When using the Streets Manager to delete a street that is not being used, sometimes the street reappears. Due to a minor bug in earlier versions of IMW, if the street name which is being deleted exists anywhere on the screen, the name will automatically be restored to the database when the program closes.


This bug is corrected around version 6.628 (11/26/01), therefore the best solution for this bug is to upgrade to the most current version. This can be done from the downloads page on our website.

Otherwise, the following workaround can be used to properly delete a street. If the street that is being deleted appears either in the primary street box or as a cross street to the existing primary street, the program will reenter that street name after is has been deleted when the program is closed. To avoid this from happening, a query should be done outside the streets manager on a known street that is not the one to be deleted, nor having the street that needs to be deleted as one of its cross streets. By doing this, the street to be deleted will not appear as the primary or cross street, and the deleting process will work correctly.

Now the Streets Manager feature for deleting streets may be used and the street will be permanently deleted.

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