Solutions to printer problems

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Solutions to printer problems


This article describes some general “try this first” printer problem solutions.


When printing from the MS Windows operating system, the application (i.e. Intersection Magic) really doesn’t have a lot of control over printing. In fact, applications often don’t even know the printer that they are printing to. The application requests a printer from Windows and then starts drawing on the printer canvas. When complete, it tells the printer to eject the page.
As a result, it can be tricky to figure out what is going wrong when a printer does not perform as expected.


The most important thing you can do is make sure that you are running the very latest printer driver. Whenever a problem is found, the printer manufacturers release a new driver on their web site. Simply because you have a new computer, or have just installed Windows does not guarantee that you have a current driver. Most printer drivers show their version in the printer settings box. (start menu / settings / printers / properties) Others only display version information on their test pages.

Once you have this information, visit the appropriate web site (i.e. and locate the drivers or downloads section. Specify your printer model and download the most recent driver. Be sure to reboot after the installation.)

Also, be sure to search this knowledge base for the word “print” for more specific printer issues.

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