Security problems in Windows XP

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Many users have reported problems running Intersection Magic after upgrading to Windows XP. We’ve found that the problem is related to new security defaults in Windows XP.


Windows XP has new default behaviour when creating folders. Under prior versions of Windows, folders on the local hard drive were accessible to all local users.
The new default behaviour only provides full access to Administrators and the user that created the folder.
This prevents IMW from opening database and configuration files that it needs to run.


In order to remedy this situation, an administrative login will be required.
Once logged in as Administrator, navigate to the Intersection Magic folder (usually c:magic). Right click on this folder and select the “Security” tab. You will find a limited number of users with “full” access – often only the Administrator account.
One solution is to add the desired user and provide them with full access to the folder. A better solution is to add full access to the “Users” group account. This will provide access to anyone with a valid login to this system.
Once you make this change and apply it, the system will prompt you to update just this folder (MAGIC) or all sub folders (recursive). Allow it to update all sub folders. Verify that it has done this by navigating to your DATA or MASTER folder and see that “Users” has full read/write access.

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