Registration key isn’t being accepted

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Registration key isn’t being accepted


Registration key doesn’t “stick” when using Windows 2000 or Windows XP. As a result, the key appears to not be accepted. Often, the key works on one machine or for one user, but not on others.


Beginning with Windows 2000, access to the win.ini file in the WINNT directory is restricted to local administrator accounts only. Intersection Magic uses this file to maintain the current jurisdiction and key information. In the past, this has made it easy to have multiple configurations and installations of Intersection Magic on one machine without the need to register each installation seperately.


The current workaround is to enable the checkbox at the bottom of the registration dialog box. The “Use Centralized Registration Data” causes the program to store the jurisdiction and key information in the same directory as the Intersection Magic program. (on a local install, this would be C:MAGIC)

This checkbox is a feature intended to be used when a network install is in place. It enables all users to take advantage of a single jurisdiction/key file that is centrally located. However, it works just fine as a solution to this problem as well.

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