Reasons Registering Intersection Magic would fail.

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How to resolve issues with registering Intersection Magic and Map Magic.


After entering your registration key for Intersection Magic and Map Magic you may receive the following error: “The name/key is incorrect”


There are several reasons for not being able to register your software. The following is a list of issues that could cause this problem.

  1. Make sure that the key you have is for the correct version. The version number will be displayed on the top of the registration window, and this must match the version the key was generated for. If you are not sure what version you requested you can log in to the web site and request a new key for the version you have.
  2. Confirm that the Jurisdiction name listed in the registration window matches exactly the jurisdiction name listed when you received your key. You can confirm this by loging on to the web site and requesting a key. This field is not case sensitive. The jurisdiction name is followed by a coma and the state abbreviation. Cities are generally displayed as City of (city name), (State two letter abbreviation). Example “City of Boulder, CO“.
  3. The key you entered could be incorrect. Confirm that you have the correct key. Again, this can be done by loging on to the web site.The key is not case sensitive.
  4. Confirm with your IT department that you are allowed to add software to your machine. Your IT department may restrict some directories on your computer. If this is the case check the “Use centralized registration data”. This will allow Intersection Magic to store your registration information in the Magic directory. You must have the appropriate permissions on the Magic directory for this to work.


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