Re-Installing IMW with an existing config. Local install – v6.6 thru current

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Re-Installing IMW with an existing config. Local install – v6.6 thru current


How to install Intersection Magic onto a new system while still including existing data and config files. This article only applies to IMW v6.6 and newer.


Intersection Magic is best installed using the setup program rather than copying files manually. If you have an existing configuration and/or data, this article describes how to make a “backup configuration diskette” for use in the new installation. Starting with IMW version 6.6, this is a simple process of creating a backup config diskette, installing the program, and running it.


Creating a “backup configuration diskette”:

  1. Locate a working system. In order to create a backup configuration diskette, you will need to have a system with a working configuration.
  2. Insert a CD containing IMW version 6.6 or newer. Run the setup program and choose “next”. You will be presented with a dialog that includes an option to “Create backup configuration”. Select that option. (Note: this program is called CopyCfg.Exe and is also available in your MAGIC folder)
  3. The setup program will search your local hard disk for configuration files. When it is done, you will be presented with a list of available configurations. Select the configuration that you would like backed up and installed on the new system
  4. You will be presented with a list of available files with checkboxes to choose the ones you want. Don’t choose any, just click “next”.
  5. Insert a floppy diskette in your a: drive and press “floppy ready”
  6. Once the copying is completed, you will be presented with a summary of the types of files copied and not copied during this process. Press “ok”

Installing the program to a new system that has never had Intersection Magic on it:

  1. Insert the “backup configuration diskette” into the floppy drive of the system
  2. Run the install program for the version you wish to install.
  3. During the install process, the program will identify the existence of a configuration on the floppy and offer to install it. Simply accept all the defaults by pressing “next”

That’s it. You can now run the program on the new system.
You can use Utilities / Database / Set to specify the location of an existing database, or Create to create a new one.

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