Re-Installing IMW with an existing config. Local install – v6.0 thru v6.59

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Re-Installing IMW with an existing config. Local install – v6.0 thru v6.59


How to install Intersection Magic onto a new system while still including existing data and config files.
This article only applies to IMW v6.0.
NOTE: This version of Intersection Magic has a known bug which can corrupt data. Use of this version is not recommended


Intersection Magic is best installed using the setup program rather than copying files. If you have an existing configuration and/or data, this article describes how to copy these existing files to your new installation.

In IMW version 6.x, this is a simple process of creating a config diskette, installing the program, and running it.


Step 1: On a blank, formatted floppy, create a directory called DATA.

Step 2: Identify your config filenames. This is usually a 4 character name that is based on your city name. (unless you are using SWITRS, or some other state-based data) Now, identify these files where your existing data/config reside. There should be several of these files. (I.e. name.lus; name.luc; name.tbs;; name.drd; name.iml; etc.)

Step 3: Copy all of these name.* files to the DATA directory on the floppy.

Step 4: Locate and copy a file called cityid.txt from your existing directory to the floppy DATA directory. If you don’t have such a file, you can create one. Click here for details.

Step 5: Label this diskette “My configuration” and put it aside.

Step 6: Obtain install diskettes or CD or download v6.x or greater from the web site. Run this install program.

Step 7: The second screen offers a checkbox to “Install config files from external diskette”. Check this option and proceed with the install until you are presented with the “Install More Configurations” dialog box. Select “Install a configuration and directory structure”

Step 8: When presented with the GetCustomDirFrom box, insert your “My configuration” diskette and select a:data. You will be presented with a dialog entitled “Install Custom Configuration 1”

Step 9: The option you have selected is intended to install additional configurations. You are using it to install your one and only configuration. Some settings in this dialog box will need to be changed to accomplish this.

  • Change the icon name from IMW1 to IMW
  • Leave the source directory alone, it is ok
  • Change the destination directory from DATA1 to DATA. The rest of the path should be fine.
  • Leave the config prefix alone, it should be fine. (it came from your cityid.txt file)

Select the Install button. When prompted at the next dialog box, select “Done installing additional configurations”

Step 10: That should do it, when the install program exits, you should have new menu items and an icon on your desktop which runs the program using your custom data directory.

Click here for help copying the database files as well

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