Program won’t print, or printer(s) can’t be changed or re-configured

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Program won’t print, or printer(s) can’t be changed or re-configured


Under certain circumstances, especially when an Intersection Magic program directory is copied from one computer to another, many settings come along with it that may confuse Windows or Intersection Magic. The result is that the program may not permit printing, changing printers, or configuring printers.


The imw.ini file contains information about the most recent settings made by the user. This file also includes the names of the most recently selected/used printers, printer drivers, and paths.
When the program is copied between machines and the imw.ini file is included in this copy, these settings come along with it. Chances are very good that the printer driver on each machine are different in some way. This will result in an error when attempting to load the drivers in Intersection Magic. If the error is severe enough, Intersection Magic will give up and load the default driver for the new machine. But, if the error is subtle, Intersection Magic may not notice it and will attempt to use the incorrect configuration.


It is best to re-install Intersection Magic and then just copy database and custom configuration files between machines. This way, Intersection Magic’s normal setup and initialization routines can set up the proper defaults for running the program.

However, if you’re confident that the new configuration is working properly except for this printing problem. (I.e. you can create diagrams, produce reports, etc. but you just can’t print) Then you can try clearing the printer settings in the imw.ini. This is done as follows:

  1. Close Intersection Magic
  2. Locate your imw.ini, usually in the MAGICDATA directory.
  3. Double click on imw.ini. It should open in Windows Notepad.
  4. Select Search / Find and type in DiagramPrinter
  5. You will be placed lower in the file where the [DiagramPrinter] section is located. It contains items like Device= and Driver= and many others. Erase this entire section. Highlight everything beginning with [DiagramPrinter] and ending with the last setting (I.e. Color=2). The press the Delete Key.
  6. Repeat the delete process for each of the other three printer sections: ChartPrinter, EditorPrinter, OtherPrinter.
  7. Save and Close the imw.ini file editor.

That should do it. The next time Intersection Magic starts, it will notice a ‘severe error’ (no printers configured) and it will set the printers to their defaults.

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