Printing a diagram results in blank page

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Printing a diagram results in blank page


Changes made in v6.607 resulted in incorrect print when using Windows ’95 or Windows ’98.


Earlier versions of Intersection Magic assumed certain information about printer settings. As a result, some users found that their printouts using newer printers at high resolution were only occupying 1/4 of the printed page. (see knowledge base article: 46) The correction that was made, which resulted in extremely accurate placement of output, utilized a Windows function call that is not available in Windows 95/98. It is only available in Windows NT/2000/XP. As a result of that unsupported feature reporting that the page size was 0x0, diagrams are not displayed when printed.


A patch has been released. It is version 6.612 and is available immediately on the web site in the downloads directory.
Important: After installing this update, proceed to the print diagram dialog, select “show advanced” and click “default”. This will examine your system and determine the most common settings for your configuration.

The other solution is to install v6.606, the most recent version prior to the print problem. This should only be done in a Windows 95/98 environment.

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