Printer reports out of memory when printing accident list.

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Printer reports out of memory when printing accident list.


When printing an accident list, the printer reports that it has insufficient memory. Repeated clicks to close the dialog result in partial output.


The accident listing function works by taking a list of fields that the user selects to print and printing them side-by-side, on line at a time. The user has the ability to determine which fields to print and how much space should be reserved for each field.
If too many fields are selected, or if the space provided is to great. (i.e. it would take a 5 foot wide piece of paper to print the report) Some printers may reject the report. This is a function of the specific printer. We’ve experienced it with an HP 895CSE, so it is likely that all HP inkjet printers will have this problem. If the printer did not report the error, it would simply have to cut-off the end of each line anyway, so there is really no loss of functionality due to this error. However, it is very inconvenient when it occurs.


The solution is to limit the number of fields and their width to values that will fit on a page.
If you are determined to print the entire list of fields regardless of the width of the report, you might want to try the “Launch As CSV” option located on the File menu. To use this feature, you will need to re-create the report and specify the delimiter to be “commas” rather than spaces. Then, select launch as CSV from the file menu once the report appears. This will launch MS Excel preloaded with the data from the report.

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