Performing a full install from an update CD / diskette

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Performing a full install from an update CD / diskette


When Intersection Magic updates are sent to users, the ‘custom configuration’ that was sent for the first install is not included with the update cd or diskettes. The result is that, for a network install, no data directory (containing imwuser.exe) is created, and thus the ‘client’ side of the install can not take place. For a local install, only the demo/tutorial is installed, there is not IMW icon or DATA directory.


If we went the custom configuration files with each update, we’d spend a lot of time preparing the media. In addition, any changes you had made since the original install may be lost. So, all we send are the program and support files, as well as the demo/tutorial.


There are three solutions.

  • If you are running version 6.6 or greater you can use this use this link for an easy way to copy your configuration.
  • The first is to start with your original install diskette(s) or CD and proceed to upgrade using each update we’ve sent since then. (YUCK)
  • The second is to modify your update diskettes so that they will install the custom configuration files.
    • If your most recent update is on CD scroll down to “Adding a configuration when installing from CD”
    • Locate the last install diskette from your most recent update. It may be diskette 2, 3, 4, etc. It will have some free space on it. (the others wont)
    • Create a directory on the floppy called DATA
    • Locate the DATA directory on an existing installation or on your original install CD/diskettes. It will contain your configuration files. These files are named with an identical four character prefix and several suffix. For example, in California, these files have the prefix SWIT. In other places, they are generally an abreviation of the city/state/county using the program. (I.e. Denver=denv, Phoenix=Phoe, Boulder=Bldr, etc.) The file extensions include at least: .LUS .TAB .DRD .IMP/.IML etc. Copy these files to the new DATA directory on your floppy.
    • There should also be a file called cityid.txt in your existng DATA directory. Copy this file to the floppy’s DATA directory as well. If you can’t find cityid.txt, you can create a new one. Click here for more info on creating a new cityid.txt.
    • Once the files have been copied to the new DATA directory, you can use them to perform a full install including the creation of the IMW icon.

Adding a configuration when installing from CD
First, prepare a blank diskette as described above, as if it were the last install diskette.
One of the first screens presented during the install process includes a check box for “install config files from external diskette”. This is provided because you can not write to the CD ROM to add a data directory. Check this option
Near the end of the install process you will be prompted to install an additional config. Accept this option and select the A:data directory as the location containing your configuration files.
When the install is complete, an icon will be created for IMW which will provide access to your custom configuration.

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